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The Gospel According to Pinnacle Sports
by Pinnacle Sportsbook

With Super Bowl XLI less than two weeks away, the biggest event in the sports calendar is now so much more than just a game. It's easy to be distracted by the razzamatazz that surrounds it; however, no matter how many wardrobe malfunctions may occur, for betting purposes, the last game of the season should be treated in the same way as any other game. Whether you are betting the Super Bowl, handball, yachting or any other event that Pinnacle Sportsbook posts odds on, you should try to use the kind of applied strategies that The Pinnacle Pulse has introduced over the 67 previous issues.

Plenty of other sportsbooks devote column inches to seemingly incontrovertible ATS trends, sharing nuggets of juicy information, that only you and every other person with a modem are privy too, and which those same Sportsbooks have already factored into their odds. The Pinnacle Pulse has always been different, and tried to provide readers with the tools for applied betting strategies that don't promise an instant passport to profit, but instead the possibility of modest, but achievable, long-term success.

So in the style of this retrospective, it seems fitting to reiterate the fundamentals of the Gospel According to Pinnacle Sports Betting:

Do Your Homework
Just as there is no fountain of youth, there is no betting kabala. Success in gambling is directly related to study and the worn patch of rug under the desk of legendary handicapper, Bob Stoll, is testament to that. If you're unwilling to commit to excessive hours of study, become a student of the markets and take advantage of what happens, even if you don't know why it's happening. The Pinnacle Lean will often tell which side of a game sharp players are on, as reported in this column in line moves that have a 47-31-2 record since they were listed last year.

Learn conversions, this not only helps you find the best bets, but aids in analyzing props and other markets such as teasers. Many players are long-term winners despite displaying absolutely no handicapping skills and instead simply unearth opportunities by meticulously studying conversions.

Always Get the Best Price
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, ALWAYS OBTAIN THE BEST AVAILABLE PRICE. For those of you outside the US, Pinnacle Sports still offers -104 lines on NFL sides (and the same market-leading pricing model applies for European soccer) saving players up to 60% of the juice other books charge. Put simply, you have to win close to c. 53% of bets to break even with traditional -110 pricing, while at Pinnacle Sports betting you only need to win c. 51% of your plays to break even.

Pinnacle Sport betting's recent decision to voluntarily exit the American market brings the importance of this maxim sharply into focus for US residents. The vacuum that Pinnacle Sports leaves is a hard one for any book to fill and the wake that has been felt across betting forums is a reflection of this.

What are players betting at Pinnacle Sports Book?

Chicago +6.5 -109 vs. Indianapolis
We opened the line on the Super Bowl immediately following the Colts remarkable comeback over the Patriots in Sunday's AFC Championship Game. Indianapolis was opened as a 6.5-point favorite at -115 and the public opinion of the AFC being the stronger conference was evident as the early action immediately fell on Indy. We quickly received buyback on the Bears, which was followed by balanced two-way action. Players continued to back Chicago as some larger volume bets came in mixed with a slew of smaller Bears plays that have pushed the line down slightly to -109.

Money Line Indianapolis -250 vs. Chicago +230
The money line on Super Bowl XLI opened lower than it normally would due to expected betting on the underdog. In previous Super Bowls whenever there is a large favorite of 6+ points, we've found players like to bet the underdog. So instead of opening the Colts in the -280 to -300 range as 6.5 or 7 point favorites are normally listed on the money line, we opened Indy much lower. Our theory has proven true to date as we’ve received nine bets on the Bears for every two on the Colts although the larger plays have been on Indy so far.